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Minecraft + Microsoft

If you haven’t heard already, Microsoft bought Mojang (creators of Minecraft) for $2.5 billion. It hit me unexpectedly, and even while reading the press release I thought it was a big April fools joke, except not on April Fools Day. … Continue reading

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While playing Minecraft, I get to thinking about how the developer programmed certain aspects of the game. It’s easy for me to do this, because I make my own software on the same platform as Minecraft: the Java Virtual Machine. … Continue reading

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If your username was Everyone…

I’ve had a thought, and I know that having thoughts are dangerous because the mental complexity of a thought that is too significant and processable by a weak brain could damage it. That, and every time I say “I was … Continue reading

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Bad News for LucasArts

By Tenny1028 I have seen several posts on Facebook regarding LucasArts. This company is the one who helped make the LEGO Star Wars video game, as well as other video games. It is now closing apparently. One Facebook post from … Continue reading

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App of the Week – Tiny Tower

By Tenny1028 This week I found a fun game to play on your iPod touch and iPhone, and maybe even your Android. The concept of the game is you have a tower with many floors. Each of the floors is … Continue reading

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