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Minecraft + Microsoft

If you haven’t heard already, Microsoft bought Mojang (creators of Minecraft) for $2.5 billion. It hit me unexpectedly, and even while reading the press release I thought it was a big April fools joke, except not on April Fools Day. … Continue reading

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Smoke Signals Joke

Smoke signals are like the Twitter of yesterday. We have Bill here, and he lights a fire, and makes smoke. He wants to say “I’m having a lot of fun!” and he wants to add an image. What’ll he do? … Continue reading

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If your username was Everyone…

I’ve had a thought, and I know that having thoughts are dangerous because the mental complexity of a thought that is too significant and processable by a weak brain could damage it. That, and every time I say “I was … Continue reading

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Night Time Stories

When I was a little kid (ages 8-12), I used to put on full TV programs, nightly. Every night when I get in bed, I can never fall asleep immediately. And I can never be still and try to fall … Continue reading

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Have you ever wanted to make a forum, but didn’t know how? Or maybe you knew how, but you wanted it to be free. Or maybe you haven’t really thought about making a forum. Well, is a site that … Continue reading

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Realizing Some More…

After telling you that the episodes of me tilling and recording were on iTunes, I waited for iTunes to recognize the changes I made to the RSS feed the podcast is connected to. After waiting two weeks, it wouldn’t show … Continue reading

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Hello, everyone. This is tenny1028, I hope. If not, then I’m screwed, and I’m going to be arrested for identity theft. I wanted to talk about eating prerequisites, and I might, but this post is not about what you need … Continue reading

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