The making of LORD OF THE DONUTS, part 2

This is the second part of this story.

I released the first two parts of Lord of the Donuts in January of 2013. Then there was almost a year long wait. There are several reasons why I didn’t work on the project much.

First of all, I really thought the series sucked. I had gotten so much positive feedback about those two parts, but I never really paid much attention to them. I thought LOTD was horrible because that character who Éomer called “Legolas” was not really Legolas. I didn’t know who the real Legolas was because I hadn’t yet gotten that far in reading Lord of the Rings, and now after having read the book, I regret naming that character Legolas. So I changed his name to Fesbie. I tried to come up with an explanation for the name change, but never released any explanation. Personally I thought I wasn’t very funny either. I also thought the camera quality was bad, when I compared it to my recent projects like “Cookies,” and there was a lot of light flicker and the animation was bad as a whole. The only thing, though, that I thought was good, was the way I synced up the speech with the hand motions.

I also lost inspiration for brickfilming and did a lot of programming in the summer, and played a lot of Minecraft (I got the game in the middle of May 2013).

I got a renewed interest in brickfilming when an animation competition came up. It was the Twenty-four Hour Animation Competition, where I had to make and upload a complete brickfilm in less than 24 hours. I live in a good place so that THAC starts at the beginning of the day, and I have a whole Saturday to work on it. There was somewhat of a family reunion going on during the competition, but I had been waiting for this day for a year. I ended up finishing my film in 17 hours, and I slept the rest of the competition (I did have to go to church the next morning). It was very fun, because I had like ten cokes to drink, I consumed an entire bag of candy, and munched on tortilla chips. I also talked with fellow competitors on Skype.

Going back to Lord of the Donuts, I finally realized how much people wanted me to continue the series. I actually discovered why it was funny. So I made a final draft of my screenplay, animated, voiced for Fesbie and Saruman, but I didn’t want to voice for Gandalf. I heard this guy named Nathan Wells does a good job at Gandalf, so I asked him. I waited a week for him to respond and he finally declined. I voiced Gandalf myself, released the video, and started working on the script for future parts.

Part four came a few months later. Unfortunately I lost all the voice manipulation settings for Gandalf and the Uruk-hai 2.0, so I had to redo everything. Actually what happened was I thought I saved the settings, but apparently not. But everything turned out all right, except when the Uruk-hai 2.0 should have said, “Pay no heed…” he actually said “Pee no heed…” and I flinch every time I see that part.

But now were are at the present, and I have the screenplay written out for several parts. After part 5, The story will turn more into something is lost and several different teams are looking for it, instead of the fact that everyone thinks it’s a ring.


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I love LEGO Universe, I am EXTREMELY disappointed that it had to close down, and my LU name was TheOddWarrior
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