How to blog about your dragon, part 2

Warning: Possible indistinct spoilers.

Disclaimer: Not actually about blogging about dragons.

I recently watched How To Train Your Dragon 2, and I would have done a movie review about it like I did about Frozen. However, I didn’t pay much attention to much of the movie, and therefore I don’t remember much, so I will not be doing a detailed review of How To Train Your Dragon 2.

The movie was a good movie though. The imagery was detailed and the animation was lifelike. The film was playful with romance, with snarky remarks like “That’s why I never married!”

The dragon Toothless is a doglike character and expresses his emotions, which can be surprising when at first assumed dragons were dumb, in a hilarious way with his postures and eyeballs.

Every human had noses shaped like balls, and the way each nose was implanted into the face made me find it obvious why they had so much trouble with snoring in their sleep.

The deaths of certain characters in the film seemed to be over-exaggerated in the solemness which resulted afterwards. This is because when the actual death was happening, most of the time the “cameras” were fixed on something other than the individual dying. In one instance, somebody gets knocked really hard by something, and it turns out they died. It didn’t look like they got hit hard enough for that kind of damage.

Of course even if you haven’t seen How To Train Your Dragon 2, these reviews may not be new to you because they may have been the same in the first film of the series. This is all new to me as it has been a long while since I saw the first film, and I was quite young then, so I have forgotten most of the backstory behind the second film.

For an overall rating, I would rate it 4.5 stars out of 5

At the end of the movie, right before the credits, the logo of the film appeared, in front of a black display. I suddenly felt like I just finished watching the theatrical trailer, and the full thing hasn’t come out yet. You probably know what I’m talking about because most trailers and previews for movies always, or almost always, end up with the title in an impressive logo design.

And on one more final note, the main villain of the film looks like Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings… well except the mouth. The villain’s mouth is the most non-symmetrical mouth I have ever seen.


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