Homeschool Debt

I’m homeschooled, which gives me the feeling that I don’t have much to do in my day, so I just sign up for all these things that I think I have time for. I think I have time for. I’m in high school, and I do have hard work to do in high school. The studies don’t really give me much extra time to do stuff, though I thought they would since they had during the first few weeks.

Now that I’ve signed up for stuff and since my family took me on a camping trip that lasted through Monday this past week, I don’t really have time to do school anymore, and I’ve been staying up late and doing school then, and basically doing school whenever I have a chance.

I’ve been behind on some school work, which made me think about how being behind on schoolwork is a lot like being in debt economically. Occasionally I have to go to bed before all my work is done, so I’ll have to borrow some time from tomorrow to get it done. However, that has interest because I have work to do tomorrow that’ll get piled up, and I just won’t have enough time to get done with work I had to do today and the work I have to do tomorrow. And once I get it all finished up, there’ll be more to work on.

Thankfully, I’m entering a period where a lot of things are coming to an end for the season, like soccer, so I’ll have more time to work on things, if I don’t sign up for any winter projects.


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I love LEGO Universe, I am EXTREMELY disappointed that it had to close down, and my LU name was TheOddWarrior
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2 Responses to Homeschool Debt

  1. Karol says:

    Tenny, welcome to the grown-up world! That’s how I feel everyday — well, almost. Hang in there. You sound like you are really learning a lot about time management. Too bad our elected officials haven’t learned those lessons about borrowing from our future. When you run for office, I am voting for you!

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