Smoke Signals Joke

Smoke signals are like the Twitter of yesterday. We have Bill here, and he lights a fire, and makes smoke. He wants to say “I’m having a lot of fun!” and he wants to add an image.

What’ll he do? He’ll start out with two dots, a long pause, two dashes, and another long pause, then very quickly, dotdotdotdotpausedotdash and so on.

Frank, who’s camping on the mountain on the other side is like, “Alright, he’s posting something. Must get out morse code decoder. He has a dot… and another one, and… and… he’s done? No, wait, there’s a dash, and another dash, and a pause… maybe he’s done now let’s see what it says.” So he starts reading it and it says “im” which isn’t actually a word. Bill obviously forgot the apostrophe and Frank is having trouble figuring out what it says. “Hm, I wonder if there is an A in there, like at the beginning.” And Frank notices the smoke signals are going again, and he missed some dots and dashes. “Oh great! He’s typing some more stuff. Shoot, he’s going too fast. Dot. Pause. Dot. Something between a dot and a dash…”

When he gets done, Frank translates it all, and he got this: “im eating timmy its a lot of fun” Oh no, he must go save Timmy. Then smoke-art pops up above the mountain Bill is on, and it looks like a distorted image of a fork. Oh dear. So Frank gets on his hiking boots, climbs down his mountain, crosses the river between the mountains, and climbs up Bill’s mountain. Then he demands to know why Bill ate Timmy with a fork. And Bill goes “Who’s Timmy?”

“They guy you ate and told about on Twitter. You said it’s a lot of fun, then you posted an image of a fork.”

“Oh, no I said that I’m having a lot of fun, and the image was an image of me swimming in the river with my dog.”


About tenny1028

I love LEGO Universe, I am EXTREMELY disappointed that it had to close down, and my LU name was TheOddWarrior
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