How to do a prank that will get your victim laughing and not mad

On a Minecraft Server, it’s fun to do pranks to people. However, for your victim, they might not like it so much. A good prank should have your victim laughing at the joke, but not mad at you for doing it. Here are some tips or guidelines you should follow while doing a friendly prank.

  1. Do not kill any mobs are break blocks that cannot be replaced. If one of your friends has a horse named Becky, don’t kill it. Name tags in Minecraft are rare, and they are only found in places like abandoned mineshafts and dungeons. Once a horse is killed, the name tag is gone, and it doesn’t drop. Saddles do not have a crafting recipe either, and it’s very unlikely the other player will get the saddle back unless he goes mining for some mineshafts and whatnot.
  2. Do not steal others’ items. They worked really hard to get some of those items, or they are saving up for something. If you do steal, be sure to tell them you’ll give it back at some point or replace it for them.
  3. Tell them who did the prank. Tell them you did it by posting a sign somewhere they can see. I know from personal experience that if a victim doesn’t know who pranked them, they start getting upset and ask everybody who did it. And if you are asked, tell them the truth for Pete’s sake!
  4. Tell them you’ll clean up the mess. If you made a mess, then tell them you’ll clean it up if they want you too. Then do it, especially if something happens that you didn’t intend to do, like have a creeper blow up their house.

So those are some guidelines that you should follow while doing a prank. Please note that these guidelines are not guaranteed to work like they should, but most of the time they should. Remember, when you do a prank, do it to get your victim laughing.


About tenny1028

I love LEGO Universe, I am EXTREMELY disappointed that it had to close down, and my LU name was TheOddWarrior
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