While playing Minecraft, I get to thinking about how the developer programmed certain aspects of the game. It’s easy for me to do this, because I make my own software on the same platform as Minecraft: the Java Virtual Machine. I am often amazed at the game, and I have the feeling to go make a game that is just as complex and fun. I have begun development on a game, and already it is quite complex, but not as complex as Minecraft. The game is called MathQuizGame.

MathQuizGame is a text-based game where the user is asked to add two randomly generated numbers both between 1 and 20. After ten questions, the user is told his score as a percentage. Then he can play again if he wants to, or quit, if he wants to.

That is the first version, though. It was v1.1, but next Sunday, I will release v1.2. Here is a video demonstrating the game, in v1.2:

You can view screen shots and download the game here:

This program is open-source, so Java developers can read the source code. I also encourage developers to make custom modifications to their copy of the game, and share it on the forums. In addition, I need someone to help build a Windows executable file (.exe), because when a developer only has Macs in his house, it’s hard to develop for Windows.


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I love LEGO Universe, I am EXTREMELY disappointed that it had to close down, and my LU name was TheOddWarrior
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