If your username was Everyone…

I’ve had a thought, and I know that having thoughts are dangerous because the mental complexity of a thought that is too significant and processable by a weak brain could damage it. That, and every time I say “I was thinking…” to someone, they’d be like, “Well that’s dangerous.” But my mind’s not weak, and nobody is here to tell me it’s dangerous because it’s too late once you comment or reply, for I’ve already thought my thought.

The thought is about social networking and multiplayer games, like iSketch. On forums and bulletin boards, as well as games like iSketch, you’ll be asked to give a username during the sign-up process. People just choose their normal screen name; for me it’s tenny1028. For Polychrome it’s, well, Polychrome. But what if on some websites my name was Everybody? Let me go into some of the fun in this…

The option pane where you can do stuff to a player.

The option pane where you can do stuff to a player.

In iSketch there is a way to choose another person and either “hug” him, “kiss” him, “slap” him, greet him, or cheer for him. When I say that there is a way to do it, I don’t mean a way to physically slap (or on the contrary hug and kiss) somebody. When you click the buttons that do that, a sound effect plays of either a slap, kiss hug, greet or cheer, then a message displays saying who slapped somebody, and who got slapped (same with the other actions).

There’s also a command that also works on Minecraft SMP Servers and on iSketch that would send a narrative message through the chat. If I clicked slap on iSketch as “Everybody,” the message “Everybody slapped so and so with a fish in the face,” or something similar. If I was Everybody on Minecraft, which I’m not and I won’t ever be unless I buy another Account, then I could type /me has a water buffalo. That would display, “* Everybody has a water buffalo”

everybody is doing this and that

Everybody has a water buffalo!

Everybody has a water buffalo!

So you try my new hobby and start messing around with usernames. Try these: Nobody, somebody, Many People. If you know of a famous person who has a screen name of what you try, choose something else because you might get in trouble for impersonating someone else.


About tenny1028

I love LEGO Universe, I am EXTREMELY disappointed that it had to close down, and my LU name was TheOddWarrior
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One Response to If your username was Everyone…

  1. Tanya Reddin says:

    I’d hate to impersonate everybody.

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