Our featured DVD for the Moment: Pen-Dragon

Polychrome has not made a post since the March DVD of the Month post. Therefore we have missed our April DVD of the month, and we might just miss our May DVD of the Month, unless I step in and do something. Another possibility is that we might change the schedule of our featured DVD from “of the Month” to “of the next time I get around to featuring a DVD”. 😛

However, that’s not what our post is about. I, tenny1028, have recently watched a movie called Pen-Dragon. I will give a review based on the story, the acting, the sets, and the music. I will also mention the cast and crew because I have never seen a video with such a peculiar listing in the credits.

The story:

Saxon raiders are raiding Great Britain. A certain town with a leader who has the title “Pen-Dragon” leads the townsmen to battle against the Saxon raiders. But a tragedy occurs and the Pen-Dragon’s son as well as the rest of the town is taken into slavery. The Pen-Dragon’s son will soon lead his own troops into battle.

When I looked at the DVD cover before I watched the movie, I was thinking, this would be a cool fantasy film. But it is not a fantasy film at all. It’s one of those types of movies of real world settings and sometimes characters, but the story itself isn’t entirely true. Even though the fact that is wasn’t much of a fantasy film disappointed me, I still thought the screenplay was good enough to be accepted into my “club”.

Clearly the sets and some of the costuming (not all) were of a fantasy film style. One particular city in Pen-Dragon made me think of Minas Tirith in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films. The swords, also were great. But most of the other stuff was just normal, especially for the studio and company that made this film. Not very eye-catching or wonderful.

The music score is really good… for the menu screen. It is also good, and fits the costuming and the sets. It was an original score co-composed by one of the costume designers, and also co-composed by her brother.

The film, being a low budget film, had great sets, props, and costumes, but not-so-great acting. For one thing, the actors were all American and had their American accents, but the movie was set in Britain of the Middle Ages. Surely one would expect British accents from a movie set in Britain. There were some other acting issues I found to be not very satisfying, but I won’t get into them.

One of the reasons why there were no British accents is because half the cast had the last name of Burns. And half the main crew members had the last name Burns. Apparently the film making business is a family-originated business, and it’s very small. The total crew number never went over 500.

So my final five star rating is four. I would have given them a lower review for the movie if they were a professional group, but seeing now that they were very small and had little money, I have given them some slack, because you don’t know… maybe the film makers wanted it to be better, but they couldn’t because of their economical limitations.


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I love LEGO Universe, I am EXTREMELY disappointed that it had to close down, and my LU name was TheOddWarrior
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